Person 4

Alejandro “XL” Mejia

Printing Engineer

Meet Alejandro 'XL' Mejia, our formidable Printing Engineer and the mastermind behind our machinery. His expertise is split into two primary domains: as our chief CNC Technician and the lead Electrical Connection Technician. Despite just two years in the field, Alejandro's impact on our operations is substantial and expansive - hence the nickname 'XL.' Alejandro ensures that our CNC machines are calibrated to perfection, resulting in precision and efficiency that sets us apart in the industry. Simultaneously, his role as the lead Electrical Connection Technician guarantees the seamless operation of our equipment, which is crucial to our production flow. His commitment to understanding the intricate workings of our machinery, coupled with his knack for solving complex problems, makes Alejandro an invaluable part of our team. In the realm of our operations, 'XL' does not just stand for 'extra large,' but also 'extraordinary leader'