Person 5

Wilson “Lil Alex” Ordonez

Chief Structural Engineer

Introducing Wilson 'Lil Alex' Ordonez, the backbone of our operations and our esteemed Chief Structural Engineer. With two decades of industry experience and five years of dedicated service to our company, Wilson is the architect of our success, quite literally. He is the master craftsman who shapes our workshops, repairs any structural issues, and meticulously builds all frames. His nickname 'Lil Alex' belies the towering influence he wields in our work environment. It's Wilson's hands that create the physical spaces where our ideas take shape and his expertise that ensures our structures stand tall and strong. The finesse with which he handles every task, big or small, is a testament to his mastery and his unwavering commitment to excellence. Wilson’s ability to take on any structural challenge and his knack for crafting durable, high-quality frames have established him as an invaluable member of our team. His craftsmanship is not just about constructing structures, but building the very foundation of our success.