Person 6

Giancarlo Medina

Chief Printing Engineer

Meet Giancarlo Medina, the lifeblood of our production and our esteemed Chief Printing Engineer. The magic of our art comes to life under Giancarlo's meticulous eye and skilled hands as he prints all our artwork, assembles masterpieces, and crafts the perfect frames to showcase them. What truly sets Giancarlo apart is his speed and efficiency. As the fastest member on our team, he has redefined productivity. His work pace doesn't merely set the bar—it is the bar. His leadership in production doesn't just ensure we meet deadlines; it means we exceed expectations. However, speed is just one facet of Giancarlo's skills. The quality of his work is equally remarkable, reflecting his commitment to excellence in every printed artwork, every assembled piece, and every frame he builds. It's his craftsmanship that takes our art from great to exceptional, making him an essential pillar of our team.