Person 2

Nicolas “Lex” Gonzalez

Founder, Curator, and Lead Designer

Introducing Nicolas 'Lex' Gonzalez, the visionary Founder, Curator, and Lead Designer of our company. Nicolas is the creative force that propels us, the mastermind who breathes life into every piece of art we produce. He meticulously creates all the art, crafts the technical specs for LED assembly, and curates every piece that graces our showcases. Lex is more than a moniker; it's a testament to his leadership and exceptional artistic lexicon. His expertise extends beyond art creation to include the technical nuances of LED assembly, an attribute that sets him apart and adds a unique depth to his work. Every detail, every color, every light is a stroke of Lex's vision. His curation is as much an art form as the pieces themselves, carefully selecting and arranging works to tell a story, evoke emotion, and encapsulate our brand's ethos. As our founder, he's not just building a company; he's building a legacy of creativity, innovation, and artistic excellence.