Person 7

Krissy Ramdial

Operations Manager

Meet Krissy Ramdial, the beating heart of our organization and our steadfast Operations Manager. Krissy is the driving force behind our administrative and clerical operations, ensuring the smooth and efficient running of our day-to-day tasks. From record-keeping to communication, Krissy's organizational skills and attention to detail keep our operations sailing smoothly. But that's not all. Krissy also lends her expertise as an assistant curator, working closely with Nicolas 'Lex' Gonzalez to create a seamless blend of art and space that resonates with our audience. Her ability to balance the intricacies of art curation with the precision of administrative work is a testament to her diverse skill set and adaptability. In addition, Krissy serves as our bookkeeper, managing the finances with the same efficiency and meticulousness she brings to all her roles. In Krissy, we have not just an Operations Manager but a multi-talented professional whose varied skills form the backbone of our organization.